Chiropractic Adjustments

If you're suffering from a sore back, neck pain, shoulder aches, limited mobility, or even headaches and jaw pain, chiropractic adjustments may be able to help. While there's no cure-all in medicine, a skilled chiropractor can use adjustments to address many of these challenges. Additionally, other chiropractic treatments can be used to target specific issues. If you need assistance and live in or near Eagle River or Anchorage, Alaska, get in touch with Hindman Family Chiropractic.


Why Chiropractic Adjustments Can Treat So Many Conditions

Your spine is essentially the foundation of your body. If it's in proper alignment, your body enjoys better support and your nervous system can easily send messages as needed. When your spine is misaligned, due to a car accident, sports injury, or other factors, it can create muscle strain throughout your body.

For example, issues in your lower back could strain muscles in your upper back and shoulders. This can then pull on the muscles in your neck, resulting in neck pain. Unfortunately, the aches might not stop there. The strain could also spread to muscles in your head, resulting in jaw pain, headaches, and migraines. If you can resolve the issues in your lower back with adjustments or other chiropractic treatments, you might relieve not just your back pain but all your other aches too.

Problems with your lower back could also put pressure on your sciatic nerve, causing numbness and pain in your legs. By adjusting your spine, a chiropractor might even be able to help with leg pain.

What Makes Chiropractic Care Different

If you have a migraine, your first thought might be to simply take some pain medications. This can be a good solution for short-term relief. However, painkillers often fail to address the underlying problems causing your pain, meaning your migraines and headaches could return again and again.

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Chiropractic care, including adjustments, aims to resolve the underlying issues that are triggering pain signals in the first place. By resolving these issues, you can prevent pain not just now but well into the future. Are you looking for a chiropractor near you? If you're looking for assistance with back pain and other issues and live in or near Eagle River or Anchorage, Alaska, stop by Hindman Family Chiropractic.


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